We are happy to bring you the summary for the topic “Understanding Immunity and ways of Optimizing it”. After nearly 2 years of discussion with practitioners and researchers from various health systems around the world, here are our 9 fundamental recommendations, that are not medicine or treatment oriented.

The recommendations are as follow:

  1. Having a Rhythm in Life ( for getting up, eating, exercise etc)
  2. Being aware of the food we eat (What, How, How much & How often?)
  3. Being aware of the quality of water we consume.
  4. Regular Physical activity.
  5. Mastering your breath
  6. Regular practice of Meditation
  7. Spending time in the nature outdoors
  8. Staying away from harmful habits.
  9. Serving other need before yours

Most of these recommendations needs bringing some changes in our personal life and some will require a change in the way we function as a society. These recommendations are not only to improve our immune system but to enhance our overall health and quality of life.But before conclude our report, we would like to discuss these recommendations one more time in detail.

Here are some related questions we are looking answer for to finish our study. You can answer it based on your personal, clinical or research experience. The study is open to both medical professional and public at large. Use one of the ways mentioned at the end of the list of questions.

Rhythm in Life

  1. Do you follow a specific rhythm in day-to-day life?
  2. What benefits do you observe because of this practice?
  3. Do you find it difficult to have a rhythm? If so, what are your hinderances/difficulties?


  1. Are you sure that the food that you consume are organically grown? If not, what do you think we have to do move in that direction? What are main hinderances?
  2. What kind of food in today’s world would you advise not to consume?
  3. Do you grow your food? Are you aware of the source of your food?
  4. Are there any specific rules of eating that you practice?
  5. Is there any importance given to the physical and mental status of the one who cooks food?
  6. Is there any rule to how many times once should consume food?
  7. How can one find what kind of food is right for them?
  8. What has changed in our eating habits compare to last 30-40yrs?


  1. What do you think is the pH of your drinking water?
  2. What about TDS (Total dissolved solids)? Do you think that the water you drink at home has enough necessary minerals?
  3. Do you have a water purifier at home?
  4. Do you believe that the tap water in your house is drinking quality? If not, what harmful substances could be present in the water?
  5. What is your water source?
  6. What do you think is the best way to purify water?
  7. How much and how often should one drink water?

Physical Activities

  1. Do you regularly do any physical activities like sports, yoga, dancing etc.?
  2. How often do you practice this in a week?
  3. What is duration that you spend on this activity?
  4. Do you enjoy it?
  5. What benefits would you attribute to your regular physical activity?
  6. What prevents you from doing any physical activity?


  1. Are you aware of your ability to use breathing for physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being?
  2. Do you practice any breathing exercises regularly


  1. What do you know about meditation and its purpose?
  2. How often and how long do you meditate?
  3. What benefits do you attribute to your regular practice of meditation?
  4. What prevents you from meditating?

Outdoor Activity

  1. How much time in a day do you spend outside?
  2. What are you surrounded by most of the day?
  3. How often do you go to some local park or nature reserve or garden?
  4. Are you aware of the quality of air outside and inside the apartment and its effect on your health?
  5. What prevents you from going outside?

Harmful Habits

  1. Are you addicted to anything in life?
  2. Can you live without it if you wish?
  3. What do you think people are addicted to now a days?
  4. What can be labelled as addiction?

Others Before Oneself

  1. How do you identify yourself?
  2. Have you had the opportunity to take care of an elderly or sick person?
  3. What does service means to you?
  4. Where do you think we as human should cooperate globally?
  5. What should be our core values?

To Participate:

  1. Support a recommendation based on your knowledge and experience (Personal, Clinical or Research).
  2. Add a recommendation to the list with valid points.
  3. Answer a question under each recommendation.
  4. Add a question that you think we should discuss as part of each recommendation.
  5. You can send us a text, audio or video to knowledge@openattempt.org / openattempt@gmail.com (You can answer more than one question)
  6. Best answers will be invited for our live discussion as part of Knowledge Festival 1a and will become part of our final policy making document.
  7. The recommendations will make its way to all Government bodies, NGOs, Corporates, policy makers and public around the globe.
  8. This will enable every individual especially the young generation to develop health habits at an early age to stay healthy. It will also bring emphasis to safe guarding our local environment and will urge individuals to take part in affairs that affects us as a society, to bring the necessary changes. This could be changes like a region going completely towards organic farming, revitalizing water sources, having more green covers and more.
  9. We welcome you to be part of this study and help us make the right recommendations.