Presently, if we coordinate and work diligently over the course of the next 10-12 years on a global level, we have the necessary technological advancements to reverse the effects of climate change. Maintaining a balance in nature is of the utmost importance and should be taught to every individual. We as a species must remove the barriers to success when it comes to taking care of our environment, and every country must take part and cooperate to bring about the necessary changes.

The problems we face today range from pollution of air, water and soil, natural resource depletion, global warming, overpopulation, waste disposal, deforestation, biodiversity loss, ocean acidification, soil degradation and ozone layer depletion to name a few. If we (humans) are the main contributors,
which science supports, or it’s just nature’s way, the fact is that our environment is always changing and we have to be prepared for all natural events. Mother Nature can wipe us out completely if She wants, and we have seen that with major civilisations in the past and in our present times.

Our work and care for the environment today will ensure a much better world for the coming generations. The decision to be part of this change as an individual begins from where you are now. You can start solving one issue at a time, starting with your own community and surroundings. There are many organisations and individuals who have dedicated their time and energy towards bringing a greener transformation to our planet. They are here to guide and motivate us, but we need more people to take responsibility and act now. Create an initiative to clean your community, or a body of water, or plant trees or any other activity that would improve your natural surroundings, resulting in improved well being for all around. Start today!