Health is an outcome of bringing equilibrium to ones’ life in its physical, mental, social and spiritual spheres. Living in an unpolluted environment and consuming organic produce will solve a large degree of the health issues we face today by themselves. In order to achieve a society that is not only healthy, but also happy and content, we as a society should strive towards preventive health care measures. Most of the diseases which kill us today; from cardiovascular disease to cancer, are to a large degree preventable. Their numbers far exceed the deaths caused by external factors like natural disaster, terrorism, fire, conflicts and road injuries.

Now, various health systems will need to take the bold step into the process of integration. All medical systems around the world have their strengths and weaknesses, and it is time for these systems not to compete but enhance each other. Technological advances are already here to help and bring transparency to the whole process. To achieve this goal, it will require developing methods to evaluate each system without bias and developing a new scientific process to validate them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given the world a chance to seize this process of integration to possibly fight a common threat cooperatively. Many countries have already started conducting integrated clinical trial using natural and traditional remedies and have begun sharing the data with the world. However, this pandemic is not only about finding a vaccine or a cure for COVID-19, but also about exploring the factors that caused it; how our living conditions affected the progression of the virus, what can be done to prevent such future pandemics and/or what can be done to enhance our immune systems. A user can utilize our platform to submit issue or initiative-related solutions for improving individual and collective health.

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