The first three departments are to take care that we provide our basic survival needs. It ensures our pursuits in life take the weight off the natural system; we consume locally grown organic food, improving the way we eat, work and behave. But if we give it some thought, what is the quality of life in developed countries where these basic needs are taken care of ? Are they happier, kinder and more compassionate human beings? The answer is unfortunately NO.

What else is missing in this vision? The answer could be our identification as “separate from others”. In a broader perspective, we are inhabiting a small planet, on the edge of a small galaxy and surrounded with billions of galaxies and a vast amount of unknown space. The Universe is big; the question is how far do we identify ourselves within it? Are we limiting ourselves to a name, personality, community, country, belief system, to various religious and/or political  ideologies? Or, are we ready to look at the bigger picture? True freedom will come by understanding our true identity in this vast cosmos. We are not separate from life! We are the very pulse of life itself and so is everything around us. Understanding this within a broader context will help us become a more kind, caring and compassionate species towards all other aspects of life.

Life is a continuous process and not even for one moment is it, has it or will it be the same. Through the process of birth and death, life is in constant renewal. In the greater cosmic arena, our fight for survival may sound insignificant, but the fact is that right now, we are all here in this together for a very brief amount of time. So, we can decide to overcome our differences and foster a new era of improved sustainability, enhanced global cooperation and expanded space exploration over the course of the next 20-30yrs. Or, we can decide to destroy all we have through our greed and personal desires. The fact is that whatever we do, we may or may not survive, but the planet surely will, as it has, for billions of years.

We can start the discussion about what is needed as a global society, and what kind of world do we want to pass on to the future generations. You can submit any issues that you think once solved, will bring well being to all even on a localized scale.