Based in Austria, “Open Attempt Organisation” is a non-profit organisation working with the aim of finding innovative solutions to important local and global issues. This is achieved by connecting people willing to take action and giving them a platform to develop appropriate strategies and find cooperation in an organised manner.

Unity among our species and celebrating life’s diversity is the source of liberation for all. As an organisation, we want to lead our next generations to an era of peace, prosperity, health, equality, awareness and freedom. 

The organisation is called Open Attempt due to its inclusiveness of all participants and is an  attempt to do what needs to be done.

For all of us to act in time, we must first define the act. What is that Vision that we would like to work towards? It could be a global vision of peace and prosperity among nations. It could be a community vision of having cleaner, greener and safer surrounding. It could be a family vision of achieving better living standards, proper education for kids and care for elderly. It could be an individual vision of health, success and self introspection. All these needs are diverse and so, when we want to act, we must see that our action do not bring harm to others and we can find a way to work that is all inclusive.

To give structure to a process like this, we have categorised the work in four distinct platforms. You can select a department when you register a project. The first three departments of environment, agriculture and health are areas where implementation of solutions has been started, but to succeed in time, it will require a larger public participation. In order to produce the right outcome, they are action-oriented and are very much interdependent. The fourth department is directed towards discussions about what we need as a society and how we can achieve that. New departments will be added based on the interest of the public. 

Our online platform www.openattempt.org is developed exclusively with this objective of making people participate in discussing about what we need as a society and come forward to be involved in its transformation.

Any citizen around the world can use the platform in the following way:

1. You can either submit a project that is of concern to you or bring awareness towards one or help implement solutions. Maybe you want to clean up a lake near you, maybe you want to support people in some kind of need (food, water, health, housing), maybe you want your community to go organic, set up a school, or millions of other actions to improve life for your community. If you need support from your community, the government or sources outside your reach, we as an organisation can help.

2. Sign up, log in and present the project by filling in details with submit project form. If the matter has been talked about on a website or on social media you can also send us a link. Once registered the issue will be verified by our organisation and we will get back to you for more details and discuss possible ways to find solutions and implement them. We will then a set up a marker on the world map for everybody to know more about the project and participate.

3. You can also look at the website map and see if any other issues raised around the globe is also a concern for you. If so, you can lend your help directly to the organisation or individual concerned with the project in any way you like.

4. As an individual or organisation or Government body if you already are doing a project in tune with our organisational goals, you could send us more details. After verification, the project can be showcased on the world map.

5. The world map will highlight all the issue that needs attention and will be the main interactive platform. The map is where you will easily find possibilities near you to get active and be part of the solution. There are different markers in different colours and shapes, indicating the nature of the issue. You can zoom in and out to locate all the options around you. Click on the marker to get the basic info. Once you find the right one, you can jump to the official website with a click to learn all about the issue at hand and all the ways you can help and be part of the solution.

Our Organisation is operated by a group of globally connected volunteers and all of our work is free of political, religious or monetary agendas. Join Us.