Welcome to the Knowledge Festival!

Knowledge Festival is an initiative from Open Attempt Organisation, an NGO based out of Vienna, Austria. Open Attempt Organisation is an independent, volunteer run, Not-For-Profit organisation working with the aim of finding innovative solutions to important local and global issues by connecting people willing to take action and giving them a platform to develop appropriate strategies and find cooperation in an organised manner.

You can read more about us at www.openattempt.org

We all know that, knowledge is not complete without its transmission and a process like that is nothing less than a festival. It recognises our ability to share what we have learned, with the intention to bring well being for all on this beautiful planet.

Knowledge Festival 1 and 1a

We started our work amid COVID-19 Pandemic when the world was working towards the biggest vaccination drive in the history of mankind. Along with Vaccination, we wanted to give equal importance towards optimizing our immune system, which we felt was more important on the long run, as we are constantly exposed to various pathogens on a regular basis.

Even though the pandemic caused havoc around the globe, it was also a great opportunity for humanity to come together to fight against a common threat and at the same time investigate the way we function as a society.

To achieve this goal, we started the process of preparing a comprehensive and unbiased scientific synopsis, which will be a collective knowledge based on all present available scientific data and data presented by experts from all fields of health system.

These fields include present day Modern Medicine, Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Traditional European Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Traditional Persian Medicine, Traditional African Medicine, Yoga and more. Along with this, knowledge gathered from traditional healer, teachers, researchers, patients, and data from medical technologies were also considered for writing the synopsis, after due verification and evaluation by the scientific committee.

More than 100 doctors from all these health systems discussed the topic of immunity in much detail. To achieve this the subject of immunity was divided into eleven (11) Sub-topics to have a deeper understanding into the subject. These topics included:

– Development of immune system
– Components of immune system
– Understanding of immune response.
– Environment and immunity
– Nutrition and immunity
– Mental health and immunity
– Role of sleep & exercise in Immunity
– Understanding immune disorders
– Measure to optimize immunity
– Medicines working on immunity
– Challenges in the field


The discussion part was also active via posting 50+ questions on social media. Specific instructions were in place for this process. We also started a survey poll about Covid 19, as part of the organizational work. The data is still being generated.

After completion of the Knowledge Festival 1, we realized that if the recommendations must be implemented, it has to be simplified. We also realized that the recommendations should also be free of any drug or treatment use, should not have any geographical restrictions, easy to understand and bring into one’s life.

The recommendations reached out of this process are as follow:

  1. Having a Rhythm in Life (for getting up, eating, exercise etc.)
  2. Being aware of the food we consume (What, how, how much & how often?)
  3. Being aware of the quality of water we drink.
  4. Regular Physical activity.
  5. Mastering your breath
  6. Regular practice of Meditation
  7. Spending time in the nature outdoors
  8. Staying away from harmful habits.
  9. Serving other need before yours
  10. Regular fasting
  11. Adequate sleep
  12. Harmony in relationships
  13. Learning new skills
  14. Practice good hygiene habits
  15. Exposure to Sunlight

Most of the recommendations can be implemented by an individual with little effort and few of them will require bringing changes in the way we function as a society. {ex: Improve water quality or go organic}

Before we finalize the recommendations and finish our report, we would like to discuss these recommendations one more time.

We are therefore calling for paper again, based on the above said recommendations.

Important future dates:

Knowledge Festival Dates: August 23th – 27nd, 2023

Last date for submission of paper/experience: July 30th, 2023

Announcement of selected papers: August 15th, 2023

Allotment of slots for presentation : August 20th, 2021

Out of all submissions, 60 best papers (4 papers/ recommendation) will be given a chance to present their work as part of the Knowledge Festival 1a, which will be 5 days long online international health conference from 23rd-27th August, 2023.

We look forward to your participation.

You can use the call for paper link on the website to submit or send us a mail over knowledge@openattempt.org / openattempt@gmail.com

Knowledge Festival 2

Our second Knowledge festival is dedicated to exploring the multifaceted nature of identity.
We encourage you to ask yourself the following questions and explore it within your own understanding. Here are some short notes to help you in that process.

What is my identity?

Identity is a complex concept that encompasses the various traits, beliefs, values, and experiences that define who we are as individuals. Our identity can be shaped by various factors such as our family background, cultural heritage, social status, and personal choices.

Do I have only one identity or more identities?

Most people have multiple identities that reflect different aspects of their personality and life experiences. For example, someone may identify as a parent, a professional, a member of a particular cultural group, and so on.

Which identity do I take seriously?

The importance we attach to our various identities can vary depending on the situation, context, and personal values. Some identities may be more salient to us than others, while some may be more visible to others. Ultimately, it is up to everyone to determine which identities they take seriously and how they express them.

Why do we need an identity?

Identity provides a sense of belonging, purpose, and meaning to our lives. It helps us connect with others who share similar values, beliefs, and experiences and contributes to our social, emotional, and psychological well-being. Our identity also shapes our attitudes, behaviors, and choices and can guide our personal and professional growth.

Do I wish to impose my identity on others?

Respect for diversity and inclusivity requires us to recognize and appreciate the unique identities of others without imposing our own beliefs or values on them. It is important to acknowledge and celebrate our differences and to find common ground to build meaningful relationships and create positive change.

Can I respect others’ identity?

Respecting others’ identities means acknowledging their individuality, uniqueness, and autonomy, and accepting them for who they are without prejudice or discrimination. It requires an open mind, empathy, and a willingness to learn from others’ experiences and perspectives.

What am I without these identities?

While our identities shape who we are, they do not define us completely. We are complex beings with multiple layers of personality, emotions, and experiences that go beyond our social roles or cultural affiliations. Ultimately, we are human beings with a shared humanity, capable of compassion, empathy, and growth.

Exploring our identity can be a powerful tool for personal growth, social connection, and positive change. We hope these questions provides you with valuable insights, resources, and inspiration to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and identity exploration.

We also welcome you to share your views in this regard. This will help us explore if our diversity is our strength or weakness and at what level of identification can we find unity among our species despite our vast diversity.

You can send us a text, audio, or video to knowledge@openattempt.org / openattempt@gmail.com
Thank you for your participation.

Knowledge Festival 3

KF-3 is our upcoming conference and explorations on the topic of “Learning to grow our food”.

The conference aims to bring together experts and enthusiasts from across the agriculture and food industry to explore innovative and sustainable ways to produce food. Our goal is to provide a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and inspiration to support the growth of healthy, nutritious, and environmentally friendly food systems.
The conference will address a range of topics, including:

  1. Sustainable agriculture practices: We will explore techniques and methods that minimize the use of harmful chemicals, reduce waste, and promote biodiversity.
  2. Urban farming: With the increasing demand for fresh produce, we will discuss how to grow food in urban settings, including community gardens, rooftop farms, and vertical
  3. Innovative technologies: We will examine the role of technology in agriculture, including precision farming, AI, and automation, and how it can help increase yields while reducing environmental impact.
  4. Food security: We will discuss strategies for ensuring access to healthy, nutritious food for everyone, including vulnerable communities.
  5. Local food systems: We will explore the benefits of local food systems, including shorter supply chains, reduced transportation emissions, and support for local economies.

Our keynote speakers and panelists will be experts in the field of agriculture, food systems, and sustainability. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, breakout sessions, and networking events, providing ample opportunity for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Whether you are a farmer, food producer, entrepreneur, policy maker, or simply interested in learning more about sustainable food systems, this conference is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals.

Join us at the conference on learning to grow our food, and let us work together towards a healthier, more sustainable, and equitable food system for all.
Details will be released soon.