Welcome to the Knowledge Festival 2021!

Knowledge Festival is an initiative from Open Attempt Organisation, an NGO based out of Vienna, Austria. Open Attempt Organisation is an independent, volunteer run, Not-For-Profit organisation working with the aim of finding innovative solutions to important local and global issues by connecting people willing to take action and giving them a platform to develop appropriate strategies and find cooperation in an organised manner.

You can read more about us at www.openattempt.org

We all know that, knowledge is not complete without its transmission and a process like that is nothing less than a festival. It recognises our ability to share what we have learned, with the intention to bring well being for all on this beautiful planet.

As we are in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic and working towards the biggest vaccination drive in the history of mankind, it is equally important to make sure, we also work towards optimising our immunity, which is more important on the long run. This will help us fight against many such infections effectively, which we are exposed on a regular basis.
Even though the pandemic is causing a havoc around the globe, it is also a great opportunity for humanity to come together to fight against a common threat and at the same time look into the way we function as a society.

To achieve this goal, we have started the process of preparing a comprehensive and unbiased scientific synopsis, which will be a collective knowledge based on all present available scientific data and data presented by experts from all fields of health system.

These fields include present day Modern Medicine, Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Traditional European Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Traditional Persian Medicine, Traditional African Medicine, Yoga and more.

Along with this, knowledge gathered from traditional healer, teachers, researchers, patients and data from medical technologies will also be considered for writing the synopsis, after due verification and evaluation by the scientific committee.

The subject of immunity is divided into eleven (11) Sub-topics to have a deeper understanding into the subject. Each field will be represented by a team of 11 members (Practitioners / Researchers / Teachers), to evaluate, verify and select the papers submitted over the platform and share their expertise about the subject.

Pre – talks are worlds of wisdom from the team to encourage the community to involve in the process and bring about more discussion. You can see some of the videos on our Facebook and YouTube page.

The discussion part is also active via posting questions everyday on social media. We have already posted 45 question and now we have requested public to ask questions. Specific instructions are in place for this process.

We are also starting a survey poll with regard to Covid 19, as part of the organisational work. The data created will also be used for writing the synopsis.

The synopsis will be then presented to the public, government and policy makers
to help them implement these findings based on local needs.

Out of all submissions, 66 best papers will be given a chance to present their work as part of the Knowledge Festival, which will be a week long online international health conference from 16th-22nd August, 2021.

Topic :
Understanding Immunity & Ways of Enhancing itv

Sub Topics :
– Development of immune system
– Components of immune system
– Understanding of immune response
– Environment and immunity
– Nutrition and immunity
– Mental health and immunity
– Role of sleep & exercise in Immunity
– Understanding immune disorders
– Measure to optimize immunity
– Medicines working on immunity
– Challenges in the field

Knowledge Festival Dates: August 16th – 22nd, 2021

Last date for submission of paper/experience: July 15th, 2021

Announcement of selected papers: July 30th, 2021

Allotment of slots for presentation : August 5th, 2021